Shower Door Squeegees dot com Good Shower Squeegees Have 3 Things

OXO Good Grips Wiper Blade Squeegee

Ever wonder what makes one squeegee better than the other?

Here are 3 things every good shower squeegee has:
  • sturdy handle
  • rubber or silicone blade
  • ergonomic design
Consider how wide you want your squeegee and if you prefer a plastic or metal handle.

NOTE: We found that more expensive squeegees are worth extra money because they are engineered to last.

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Shower Door Squeegees dot com DO YOU SQUEEGEE?

  Check Out These CLERET iDO Pearl Squeegees

Costs around $10

This award winning design has its own nifty holder.

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A classic, ergonomic handle was developed by extensive research to deliver a vey strong and attractive design.

Use this squeegee to swipe away water, soaps, shampoo and body oils before they dry on glass.


Shower Door Squeegees dot com OXO Good Grips - Stainless Steel Squeegee

This squeegee works great on frameless shower doors, foggy mirrors, smooth tile and counter-top surfaces.

The attractive stainless steel construction is complimented by the flexible squeegee blade and comfortable handle design.

A slim profile makes it lightweight and fits neatly into the convenient suction cup holder.

Shower Door Squeegees dot com CLERET Dual-Blade Classic Bath Squeegee

If you want some sweet squeegee action,
check out this workhorse.

It's easy to grip and swipes away water and soaps from your shower glass or granite counter tops.

Some auto detail shops even use this classic squeegee after washing their clients cars.

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Shower Door Squeegees dot com DELUXE Shower Squeegee for Glass

Looking for top-of-the-line quality and durability?

The polished stainless finish is rust and tarnish proof to give this squeegee an upscale look.

A durable, gray rubber blade glides over the glass and fits securely into the squeegee handle.

The suction cup holder also rotates to keep the non-slip grip at your desired height and location.

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Shower Door Squeegees dot com Water Repellent Coatings for Shower Doors

SHOWERGUARD®  coating has a lifetime warranty

Soap + shampoo + body oils = YUK!

PROBLEM: You need a way to fight back against scummy buildup on your shower doors.

SOLUTION: Glass coatings make water bead up on the glass so it's easier to squeegee and faster to clean.

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Shower Door Squeegees dot com Elegant Shower Door Handles

Decorative Handles Add Style

Shower door handles really accentuate the bath decor and make a real design statement.

When selecting your bath hardware, it's important to balance style with function.

Shown Left:  This 6" Victorian Handle adds a touch of class to your frameless heavy glass.

Contemporary hardware can be square or rounded while traditional is a bit more decorative and ornate.

Replace Your Old Handle

The 6" D pull is the industry standard and most handles are also available in 8" sizes.

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