Shower Door Squeegees dot com Cleret iDO Pearl - 12" Shower Squeegee

Costs around $10

This award winning design has its own nifty holder.

A classic, ergonomic handle was developed by extensive research to provide a strong and attractive design.

Use this squeegee to wipe away water, soaps, shampoo and body oils before they dry on glass.

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Shower Door Squeegees dot com Make Sure Your Shower Squeegee Has 3 Things

Ever wonder what makes one squeegee better than the other?

Here are 3 things a good shower squeegee has:
  • sturdy handle
  • rubber or silicone blade
  • ergonomic design

Expensive squeegees are usually durable and worth the extra money - while you get what you pay for with bargain brands.

So instead of driving all over town to find the best shower squeegee ...  click here and shop the wide selection.

Shower Door Squeegees dot com Deluxe Shower Squeegee for Glass

Looking for top-of-the-line quality and durability?

Costs under $20

The polished stainless / chrome look finish is rust and tarnish proof to give this squeegee an upscale look.

A durable, gray rubber blade glides over the glass and fits securely into the squeegee handle.

The suction cup holder rotates and keeps the non-slip grip at your desired height and location.

Shower Door Squeegees dot com OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee
Costs around $15

This squeegee also works great on windows, foggy mirrors,tile and curved surfaces.

The attractive stainless steel construction is complimented by the flexible squeegee blade and comfortable handle design.

A slim profile makes it lightweight and fit neatly into the convenient suction cup holder.

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Shower Door Squeegees dot com How to Clean Water Spots On Shower Doors

New shower glass sparkles and shines.

Unfortunately, if you don't squeegee or clean the glass on a regular basis, layers of dirt and scum start to form.

QUESTION: So how do you prevent soap and limescale from clouding up shower doors?

ANSWER: The trick is to wipe dry any standing water before it evaporates on the glass.

Where to Start

Using a squeegee and a good glass cleaner is your first line of defense. 

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