How to Clean Glass Shower Doors

Remove water spots with Barkeepers Friend

New shower glass sparkles and shines.

But if you don't squeegee after showers or use a good glass cleaner regularly, layers of dirt and scum start to form.

QUESTION:  So how do you prevent soap, body oils and hard-water minerals from leaving water spots on shower glass? 

ANSWER: The trick is to swipe away water with a squeegee before it dries on the glass and use a good glass cleaner (with NO ammonia) on a regular basis. 

What Can be Done About Water Spots?

If glass cleaner doesn't break down the layers of YUK, you need to step up to a water spot remover.

Follow manufacturers instructions then thoroughly rinse, squeegee and wipe the glass dry with a micro fiber cloth.

PLAN B:  Some people prefer using a homemade 50-50 mix of white vinegar and water with a dash of liquid dish soap.  Apply with a spray bottle, scrub with a dryer sheet then wipe dry with a cotton T-shirt.  

Note: water spot removers are mildly abrasive so test a small area (like a bottom corner) before smearing it all over the glass.

Be especially careful if your glass has a water repellent coating applied and consult the manufacturer for acceptable products to use.

We Tested 3 Water Spot Removers 

Here are three popular water spot removers we tested to dissolve the cloudy layers of dirt and soap buildup on a shower door.

Each section of glass had a generous amount of cleanser smeared and rubbed onto it.

After using a folded paper towel to apply the cleaners, we then scrubbed it in using a regular kitchen sponge (you can also use a dryer sheet)

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CRL Sparkle     Bio-Clean      Barkeepers Friend

Cleaning Up is Easy

After applying the water spot remover, let it set for a minute or so then buff and remove the cleanser using a microfiber cloth or cotton T-shirt. 

It should clean up easy like a car wax.

Repeat the process if you notice any scales left behind - and don't be afraid to try another product if you're not getting clean results.

TIP: Use a soft tooth brush for inside corners and hard to get nooks and cranny's.

THE BAD NEWS: If you have tried water spot removers and still have cloudy shower glass - the minerals and chemicals have probably etched the glass permanently and will never look clean again.

Final Step: Make Your Glass Shine

After you buff out the dried water spot remover, use a good liquid or foam spray glass cleaner to remove and dusty streaks left behind.

Be sure to wipe glass dry and avoid making more streaks by using a good paper towel (like Bounty) or a micro fiber cloth / cotton tee shirt.


Each water spot remover we tested dissolved the light stains effectively. Bio-Clean smelled really nice, BarKeepers Friend worked fast and the Sparkle came in a small easy-to-hold bottle.

Glass cleaners all worked pretty much the same. Glass Plus had a nice smell, we also liked the Windex / Vinegar mix, but our favorite glass cleaner is the Sprayway aerosol because of the foaming action and sweet smell.

So be sure to buy a good squeegee and use a quality glass cleaner on a regular basis to avoid those dreaded water spots.

Sprayway      Glass Plus     Windex -NO ammonia

CRL Sparkle       Bio-Clean       Barkeepers Friend

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