There are three types of plastic shower seals

Edge Applied

These low profile shapes stick on the edge of shower doors and fill gaps between the glass from 1/8" to 1/2" wide.

Popular shapes include   "L"   "T"   "V"  and  "B

Adhere them to smooth surfaces using  VHB tape

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There are a few types of snap-on shower seals:

Door sweeps attach to the bottom of shower doors and are available for   1/4   3/8"   1/2"  glass.

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Slide-In : 

These pieces slide into grooves of aluminum shower door channels.

Size and shape vary between manufacturers so one size does not fit all.

You can adhere them to smooth surfaces using VHB tape

Snap-On Bottom Sweeps

This drip rail deflects water away from the shower door while the dual fin sweeps underneath hold water inside the shower.

These seals work best with a  7/16" to 1/2" gap under the door. 

Available Here:

31" lengths    1/4" glass    3/8" glass    1/2" glass

95" lengths    1/4" glass    3/8" glass    1/2" glass


NOTE: Space shims 12 - 24" apart

Edge Applied Seals

These plastic seals are taped to the edge of glass and fill the gaps where water or steam escapes.

Bulb vinyl is the most popular vertical seal and is available in a few different widths.

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Bulb Seal for
5/32" GAP

Bulb Seal for
7/32" GAP

Bulb Seal for
3/8" GAP

Other shapes include:

Double "T" for
1/4" to 5/16" GAP
Single "T" for
7/16" to 1/2" GAP
Door Stop 5/16" GAP

NOTE: Edge Applied Seals Need VHB TAPE

VHB "very high bond" tape is double sided tape to stick plastic seals on glass edges. 

It is available in .020 and .040 thicknesses ... 1/16 of an inch = .060

Apply tape to clean surfaces and press on plastic seals.

1/4" wide  x  .040 thick x 108 feet long

1/4" wide x .020 thick
x 36 feet long
1/4" wide  x .040 thick
x 7 feet long

Snap-On Seals Fill Large Gaps

This seal fills a 1/2" gap on the sides or bottom of frameless shower doors.

For:   1/4"   5/16"    3/8"    1/2"

Use on the bottom or sides of glass

Snap-On "H"  is used on vertical edges of frameless shower doors to prevent water leakage and as a door stop.

For:  1/4"    5/16"    3/8"     1/2"